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Who We Are

Big Feelings isn't just a label. It's a lifestyle. We celebrate self-expression with fabrics as feelings, sleepwear as streetwear, and pjs for life.

What We Believe 

At Big Feelings, we believe Kind is the New Cool.

We live in a world that tells us to always put on a happy face, but we’re here to say it’s perfectly cool to have an off day. Life isn’t only filled with warm hugs, even though our sleepwear is.

We're all Works in Progress. We’re not perfect but we believe every day can be better than the last and that it’s okay to ask for help on the road to becoming who you want to be. We’re celebrating the entire range of emotions, not just the bright and shiny ones. Feelings aren’t meant to be hidden under the covers, but to be worn, discovered, and voiced. They allow us to vibe with others and celebrate the unique energy that is you.

That’s why Big Feelings is more than just a label—we’re a whole. big. mood.

What We Support 

Join us in making a Big Difference.

At Big Feelings, we’re not just about wearing your emotions; we're about sharing the love and supporting one another. With every purchase you make, we joyously contribute 1% of all proceeds to the Togetherness Fund. This heart-centered fund flows directly into organizations like Project Healthy Minds, a sparkling beacon of hope and help for Millennials and Gen Z.

Project Healthy Minds is bustling with innovation, crafting a world where mental health services are accessible, inclusive, and wonderfully woven into the fabric of society. They’re stirring a pot of positivity, breaking down barriers, and sprinkling the world with mental wellness, ensuring everyone feels seen, supported, and spectacularly loved. Together, we’re creating a tapestry of togetherness, and weaving wellness into every corner of the world -- starting with our Guide For Healthy Minds featuring a collection of mental health resources designed to make a Big Difference.